Saturday, November 22, 2008

Trapped in the closet

Today kitty cat turned R.Kelly on us.

Kitty walks in the litter box
And looks behind the door
Cat says, “Kitty, come back to bed”
Kitty says, “Cat say no more”
Kitty pulls back the scratching post
While Cat’s biting her claws
Then Kitty walks back to the room
Right now, I’m purring like hell
Checks under the cat bed
Then under the dresser
Kitty looks at the closet
I pull out my Baretta
Kitty walks up to the closet
Kitty goes up to the closet
Now Kitty’s at the closet
Damn Kitty crapped in the closet…

parts 2 - 50 000 000 to follow...

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lowercasecarmen said...

I'm Henry's biggest fan.